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Water Balloon Attack

Hilarious water balloon game for crazy summer days.

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Water balloon slingshot kit

  • Take your water balloon fights to the next level with this cool catapult.
  • The kit comes complete with the slingshot, a net for carrying balloons, 36 balloons and a practical funnel for filling the balloons.

More about the product

Get ready, fill up your water balloons, stash then in the net and get ready to attack! Your water balloon fight enemies will not know what hit them since the catapult provides longer reach then when just throwing the balloons by hand. 

Having a water balloon fight is a really simple game but sometimes simple things are the funniest ones. The Water Attack kit is a facilitator of fun with the slingshot offering a new dimension to the game and the balloon net helping the young (or old) players to load up with a bunch of balloons before entering the battle.

The Water Attack kit comes in a cute colourful gift box making it a great birthday present and naturally once the supplied balloons are all fired away, any other balloon from the local supermarket or toy store can be used as well.

It is also good to know that...

  • Contains: one slingshot, one carry net, one funnel and 36 balloons (18 blue and 18 green)
  • Pack size 220 x 160 x 40mm