Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base
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Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base

Whiskey glasses with a rounded base that allows the glass to gently stay in motion without spilling or tipping. One of our most popular gifts with nordic design.

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Whisky Glasses with Rounded Base (set of 6)

  • These glasses will not spill or tip, just swirl gently.
  • A perfect companion for a cognac or a whiskey on the rocks.
  • The most popular gift in Sweden from the Sagaform collection.

More about the product

These are some whiskey glasses that rocks with style! The unique tapered base keeps them in motion with just the slightest touch. Since the liquid is kept moving its oxygen exposure is increased which in turn brings out the taste and flavors in a much more sophisticated way. Also since the swirling movement is much smoother then keeping the glass in motion the usual way, the risk of spilling is close to none. Just put the glass on the table, it will lean, it will gently rotate but it will not fall.

Why we like it

Again Sagaform has taken a quite traditional product and completely changes the rules. Why does a glass have to have a flat bottom? Well, in 99% of the cases it makes sense but no one ever thought about this variant before. We do not want to encourage you to end your workday J.R Ewing style (with a big scotch) but when you do, just do it fashionably.

These whiskey glasses comes in a pack of 6 protected in a nice gift box. The rounded base whiskey glass set is currently the best selling gift from the whole Sagaform collection. They are a highly appreciated gift for christmas, father's day or why not as an original wedding gift?

It is also good to know that...

  • The glasses comes in a set of 6.
  • Presented in a gift box which for finer occasions can be completed with our exclusive gift wrapping during checkout.
  • Each glass holds 20 cl