10 Accessories That Will Make Your Kitchen So Much More Organized

Most of us spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen and year after year we see how the importance of the kitchen keeps growing. From being a place where you simply cook it is transforming into the heart of the home where family and friends come together. With this change, the market for original kitchen accessories have exploded and at Givensa we always aim to offer a curated selection of the best products out there.

In this post we present our 10 most original kitchen organizing solutions, each one filling a real function while at the same time looking great. Simply because your kitchen deserves the best.

Sink Caddy and Organizer – Park It

This sink caddy from Koziol is filled with smart details such as built in drainage and a dish cloth hanger. A bestseller and a long time favourite in our own office kitchen.


Magnetic holder – Button Up

No towel loop, no problem. These magnetic hangers takes works with towels, wash cloths or just about anything that fits between the two magnets.


Fruit and Veggie keeper – Astro

Tired of letting partially used fruits or vegetables going to waste in the fridge? This little astronaut safely stores any leftovers in his airtight helmet ensuring they will stay fresh until needed again.


Kitchen Paper and Towel Hanger

One of the most versatile kitchen hangers we have come across. Mount it on the cupboard or under it, use it for kitchen paper rolls or towels. No screws or mounting needed.


Sponge holder – Mr Sponge

Well, a sponge is not really the coolest kitchen accessory but nevertheless those pots and pans does not clean themselves so sooner or later it is needed. Meanwhile, let it hang out with Mr Sponge and he ensures it will not soak around on the kitchen sink but instead have time to dry properly before its next use.


Smart hanger – Pluring Kitchen

One of the most sold kitchen accessories in Sweden, simple yet genius. Works with everything from towels to pacifiers and jackets.


Cutlery Drainer – Jumbo the Elephant

The original elephant shaped cutlery drainer from Peleg Design and one of the most popular Christmas gifts of 2015. Beware of cheap pirate copies.


Dish rack and storage – Tower

Small kitchen or to many plates, here is the perfect solution for an extra shelf in an existing cupboard.


Utensil set – Lego

If you are young at heart or simply have kids rumbling around in the kitchen, what could be a better match than these awesome Lego Cooking Utensils from Doiy Design


Kitchen hooks – Monkeys

Let these cute monkey hooks put your favorite kitchen utensils on display. Original and functional design at a great price.