The 10 most original and funny tissue roll holders

We spend quite some time in the kitchen and bathroom so why not spice up these rooms with a tad of humor and practical details. In this post we have collected our 10 most original, funny and practical tissue roll holders and kitchen roll holders.

1.) D. dog by Propaganda – The tissue roll holder shaped as a dogs butt

“From a but to another but.”

The Toilet Tissue Paper Holder D. Dog might be our most original tissue roll holder. If nothing else, it is the most daring one. The design is simply shaped as the rear part of a dog with the tissue sticking out the butt. A fun home decor detail for the bathroom that is guaranteed to be appreciated by all visitors regardless of their age. D. Dog is easily mounted using the provided screws or simply by using self adhesive tape.

D. Dog is using standard tissue rolls but you insert the roll in a slightly different way. Simply remove the inner carton roll and extract the end of the tissue. Now just insert the roll in the holder and pull out the paper through the hole and you are done, super simple.

d-dog-white-2 d-dog-black

2.) Mr P The Wiper

“Funny, practical and original.”

Mr P the Wiper is one of our most popular products and since we use it at home it has gone through some proper Givensa testing. It comes in a variety of colours and it is easily mounted using the supplied screws or self adhesive tape. However in our case, we have actually not even attached it to the wall but just placed it on the toiletry table in the bathroom (see the picture below). Thanks to the little rubber feet it does not slip so if you have space left on the sink, there is no mounting needed what so ever,





3.) Tissue roll holder shaped as a Polaroid camera

“A vintage touch for your bathroom.”

This original tissue roll holder comes from Doiy and features a retro design inspired by the Polaroid cameras of the ’80s. Playful design at its best and a cute home decor detail for any 21:st century bathroom. Like the products above from Propaganda it’s easy to mount on any material using screws or self adhesive tape.


 4.) Tissue roll holder – Squirrel and Log

“Cute and practical design by Qualy.”

From our friends at Qualy in Thailand comes this tissue roll holder inspired by nature. The roll holder it self is designed as a small log and on top there is a cute squirrel acting as a paper pusher. Works equally well in the bathroom and kitchen as on the dinner table.

squirrel-sissue-log-1 squirrel-sissue-log-2 squirrel-sissue-log-3

5.)  Tissue Roll Holder – Weightlifter

“A strong guy that carries an extra roll when needed.”

This funny tissue roll holder does double duty as a standard roll holder as well as carrying an extra backup roll.


6.) Universal Kitchen Paper Towel Holder – Mountie

“No screws or mounting required!”

The kitchen paper towel holder Mountie is a long time favourite here at Givensa. One reason is that it makes use of space otherwise unutilized and on top of that it can be mounted in several ways. Hang it under the cabinet, over the cabinet door or mount it directly on the wall. When attached to a cabinet no screws are required! If you are looking for a slightly cheaper option we also offer the Kitchen Paper and Towel Hanger by Yamazaki who also works as a towel hanger. Just like Mountie it is super easy to mount, no screws required.

mountie paper-and-towel-hanger-4 paper-and-towel-hanger-5

7.) House shaped Tissue Cover

“Put some fun into something ordinary!”

While not exactly a traditional tissue roll holder we could not resist adding this house shaped tissue cover to our list. One of our most affordable but still super original home decor details and a long time best seller. Use it with square tissue boxes or normal toilet tissue rolls. The tip of the paper sticks out from the chimney like a white smoke coming from the fireplace of this little house. Available in a variety of colors.

casa-5 casa-6

8.) Magnetic kitchen paper towel holder

“With a magnetic back side, it attaches to any metal surface!”

Have some extra space on the fridge kitchen fan or any other metallic surface? Great, why not make the best of it and attach one of these magnetic paper towel holders from Yamazaki to it and you always have the paper towels nearby.

magnet-kitchen-paper-holder-3 magnetic-paper-holder-1

9.) Tissue box with wooden front

“Stylish and elegant!”

An elegant tissue box with a wood and metal finish. The ideal way to turn those ugly tissue boxes into a stylish home decor detail.

tissue-case-rin-black-1 tissue-case-rin-white-1

10.) Tissue roll tree

“Back to the roots!”

Last but not least we just had to share this creation with you. Since it is 10 times to big for even our biggest boxes we will probably not sell it anytime soon but hey, if you have a lot of unused space in your bathroom, it might be just the tissue roll holder for you 🙂

Via: Presse citron