10 practical travel accessories for the globetrotter

Super busy packing for the vacation trip? Well, then do not forget to pack some of the super original (and super practical) travel gadgets below. We guarantee they will do their part of making your trip a tad easier.


A waterproof sleeve for your smartphone is not only great for lazy days at the beach but also when visiting the gym of the public pool. Now you can protect your phone from dirt, sand and water as well as ensure it is always within sight (even if you have to use a shower on the beach).


While we are talking about smartphones, have you discovered this smart little gadget yet? It is a snap on wide angle lens, tiny yet genius, allowing you to catch up to 60% more of your surroundings in your photos.


This amazing travel organizer comes from Umbra and is the perfect accessory for keeping track of the most important things during your travels. Use it for plane tickets, passports, credit cards and cash. There is even room for other details such as earplugs and makeup that are always nice to have handy.


Unfortunately even on vacation there will be dirty laundry to take care of at some point. Well if it’s unavoidable, why not at least store it in style. This minimalistic laundry bag folds into almost nothing when not used and the world map pattern looks much better then the plastic bag from the local supermarket. Did we mention it’s also waterproof and sealable with the loop string, great also for bringing to the gym or pool.


During vacation it is even more important to disconnect the smartphone and tablet and enjoy a good book. However as you might remember, books are not exactly self illuminating like the iPad and you will actually a lamp to read at night. However you might not want to wake up your travelling companion and then this clothes pin shaped night light is ideal. If will slip into your handbag without you even noticing it’s there and who knows, probably you will also find a good usage for a good old clothes pin during the vacation as well.


GPS and Google maps are great but sometimes when the data connection is problematic or simply costs a fortune, then a good old map is great to have at hand. These crumpled city maps are great for all kinds of city excursions. They even have a plastic coating making them extremely durable and possible to pack and unpack a huge amount of times.


If you are travelling with a low cost airline they will probably charge your a fortune for a tasteless inflight meal. Stay above that and bring your own favourite lunch in this practical multi compartment lunchbox, simply so much better than the tin foil boxes with pre-heated food that the airline will offer you.


Going camping or simply staying at a really dodgy hotel. No worries, just attach this tiny lamp to your smartphone and you get a cosy night or reading light. No extra batteries or cords required, just your smartphone.


Most women (and some of our more self conscious male friends) are aware of the challenge of organising the favourite schampoo, make-up, toothbrush and all those little accessories you so badly need when travelling. No worries, the Tangram Travel Organizer from Umbra will be your new best friend. It has lots of practical compartments and requires very little space in your bag.


Finally, don’t forget to mark your bag. There is a billion black Samsonites out there so make sure you can easily identify yours, and equally important, make it really hard for someone to take the wrong one by mistake. These adorable luggage tag owls will certainly help you with that task.

Happy travelling 🙂