A quick yet creative and scary diy Halloween decoration

Autumn is here and the main festivity Halloween is just around the corner. Time to prepare the spookiest way to decorate the home but… it is not always that easy to come up with original ideas that requires a reasonable effort. Spiderwebs and pumpkins never fail but wouldn’t it be cool to mix it with something a little less traditional and a touch of humor? After all, Halloween is mainly for the kids so lets aim for surprising them.

Let us suggest a simple and creative idea that you can wrap up in less than 10 minutes with things you already have at home.

You will need:

  • A doormat, if it comes with a funny theme even better. We used the reversible doormat from Suck-UK saying “Come-In” when looking at it from one end and “Go-Away” when looking at it from the other but your standard doormat is obvisouly just as fine šŸ™‚
  • A pair of long socks (we used a pair of soccer socks).
  • A pair of shoes
  • Some dimmed (scary) lighting. We used a Bottle Light and an old wine bottle which created a mystical green glow.
  • An optional halloween pumpkin (if you have the time you can find pumpkin carving instructions here

Now fill the socks with something soft like some small towels, socks or similar. Put the “sock-legs” in the shoes and stick them under the doormat. Decorate with a halloween pumpkin and to enhance the effect even further, find some scary music on Spotify (there are plenty of playlists available) so the mood is right when the trick-or-treaters arrive.

Happy Halloween!



DSC_0277 doormat-come-go-5 bottlelight-7