About Givensa?

Who are behind the Givensa team?

Givensa started as a project in 2012 by two swedes, the idea to start a web shop here in Spain has been around for a long time, but it was not until the fall of 2012 we made it real and started up givensa.com. After month of hard work (day and night) we were able to open up the store in December 2012, just in time for christmas.

Our idea is to sell original gifts and home decor with a functional design and a touch of humor. We work very hard to provide a personal service and we deliver all our products in an elegant beautiful way, whether you choose to gift wrap the products or not.

The Blog
This Blog is a more personal side of Givensa. Here you can find everything from recipes to personal and interior design ideas to personal anecdotes about the challenges and joys of bringing Givensa to you.

About Givensa
Our intention is to have a focus on functional interior design and decoration, fun design and smart things. We are also trying to have a Scandinavian look and feel on the shop and our goal is to always make the customers happy. By applying this philosophy we hope that you always feel that you can find something special and useful when you shop at Givensa, no matter if it is a gift for yourself or for a dear friend.