Crafts and decor ideas for Halloween

We are getting real close to Halloween and it’s time to decorate our homes and schools in the scariest manner possible. Pumpkins and spider webs are all good but here are some other variants for the traditional Halloween decorations!

Carve a pineapple!

Sure, there are tons of cool twists on the classic Halloween pumpkin. Large, small, tall and round pumpkins, and all sorts of fruits are turned into scary monsters and lanterns. However we have to say that this scary pineapple jack o’lantern beats everything we have seen before. Its something with the structure and the sharp leaves that makes it look extra scary. So why not switch that old pumpkin for a pineapple this year. The process is the same as with the pumpkin, cut of the top , remove the interiors and proceed with carving out eyes, nose and a scary mouth.

We guarantee you will have the scariest lantern at the party!


Crafts for kids, Sock Zombies

If you are searching for a simple yet funny craft to do with the kids we recommend the Sock Zombie. With this kit you make your own scary sock puppet for Halloween but of course it can be used all year around. Note that no previous Zombie experience is needed, the kit contains everything needed, both material and inspiration.

Make your own sock zombie


sock puppet zombie kit

Funny decorations for the table

For the Halloween dinner we suggest the tooth pick stand Ouch! from Fred & Friends. It fits Halloween like a glove, both scary and practical.

Ouch! - Toothpick holder Voodoo style! Toothpick holder voodoo - Ouch!

Wine Cooler Pumpkin

If you are fed up with the traditional Halloween pumpkin lanterns or do not want to use live candles indoors then why not create your own Wine Cooler Pumpkin. Just carve of the top of the pumpkin, empty it as much as possible, will with ice and you are done (via Cheryl Style)


Funny corkscrew and bottle opener in shape of a legless pirate!

Perhaps a pirate is not the most traditional Halloween costume but this little guy was the scariest bottle opener we could find. With his single lef and patched eye, he will for sure fit into at the party..

Corkscrew - Legless Pirate


Bottle Light – Scary or cosy lights in no time?

If you can not or do not want to use live candles for Halloween, then using the Bottle Light from Suck UK is a perfect alternative. Normally you put it in an empty bottle but it works just as well inside an empty pumpkin, guaranteed to be fire hazard free.

LED light cork for turning bottles into lamps LED light cork for turning bottles into lamps