10 original and creative wall hooks and racks

Thinking about replacing your old boring wall hooks, here are some ideas that will spice up your home.

Hooks are always needed, actually in our home, it seems as there are never enough of them or otherwise how does it come that there are always stuff lying around. In this post our intention is to give you some ideas for original wall hooks and hangers that we like and that are affordable, original and last but not least practical.

Here we have gathered a favourite selection of some of the hooks that we have in our shop complemented by some great DIY hangers that you can easily make yourself.

Buddy and his friends

The Buddy wall hook from Umbra is a fun and different interior detail. The hooks are made from Buddy and his friends climbing the wall and their different poses offers you a variety of ways to hang jackets, purses, umbrellas and much more. The wall hooks are made from extremely resistant rubber ensuring a long scratch free lifetime. Their neutral colouring and playful yet stylish design makes them work just as well in the kids room and your own bedroom or entrance.



Bring nature into your house!

These cute bird shape wall hooks from Qualy allows you to put a touch of nature into your entrance or bedroom. The little birds are a long time favourite here at Givensa and we offer them in a selection of colours to match your home.




DIY hanger – wrench

Original DYI hanger made ​​of a wrench. You can find some really good inspiration for DYI wrench hooks here but with some patience and the right tools you can accomplish really original things out of your old tools.


Mr P. One man hang – A funny and not least provocative wall hook for the bathroom

Let Mr P guard your towels in his own way. A fun interior detail for your bathroom that is guaranteed to make your guests smile. This was one of the first products we introduced at givensa.com. It is certainly a bit more provocative than the other suggestions but combined with a sense of humor it is a very original detail for your bathroom or maybe as a house warming gift for a friend?


 Pluring – A simple and genius hanger for towels and much more

Pluring is a smart little swedish invention that helps you hang everything from washcloths and towels to ties, t-shirts or even the babies pacifier. It attaches to most surfaces with the strong self adhesive tape on the back which means no mounting or screws are needed. This makes it ideal for kitchen and bathroom use where the ceramic tiles makes mounting things more complicated.




Flip – Smart vertical hanger with 6 hooks

Flip is the perfect solution for a small entrance or a small room since it occupies almost no space at all. It has a modern minimalistic design and is made of high quality wood and polished nickel design. We have received very positive feedback from our customers about Flip since finding a vertical hanger is very difficult and finding a vertical hanger with the nice design that Flip sports is almost impossible. So, if you are short on space this vertical hanger might be just what you are looking for.

colgador-vertical-flip-2 colgador-vertical-flip

Brush Hooks

With a bit of super glue and some paint brushes (and a reasonable dosis of patience) you can create these original hooks shaped as paint brushes. (Designer: Dominic Wilcox)


Clothes pegs hooks

This DIY is the simplest one which is suitable for all ages. All you kneed is some clothes pegs and adhesive tape.



Skyline wall hook with 5 flip down hooks.

This hanger is another one of our absolute favorites, it is designed to look like a city skyline, the black cityscape conceals hooks that can be folded down, giving you tons of rack space for jackets, coats, hats, or umbrellas. When it is not being used, the hooks flips back automatically leaving this original hanger to display almost as a three dimensional painting.

skyline-perchas-abatibles-2 skyline-perchas-abatibles

Funny DIY hanger

Last but not least a fun hanger you can easily do yourself with a tennis ball, suction cup and a little imagination…