Decoration and original gift ideas for Halloween

The fall is already upon us, the days are shorter, we have turned back the clock to winter time and it is just so hard to get out of bed in the morning. In one way, Halloween is a little bit like the final confirmation of the fall but it is also an excuse to throw a scary (in a good way) party.

In this post we will focus on two things to help you triumph at your Halloween party. In the first part we present a couple of scary decoration ideas and in the second we propose some original gifts that are guaranteed to surprise the party hostess.

Halloween decoration ideas

Having a Halloween party without the traditional pumpkin is unimaginable. Under no circumstances (except maybe fire regulations) is it allowed to resort to a plastic container bought in the supermarket. No, at Givensa we go for the real thing every year. It takes a little bit of patience and a sharp knife but it’s absolutely worth it. Have a look at last years project below and if you feel inspired the complete instructions with template can be found in our make your own halloween pumpkin guide. After some slicing and carving you will end up with something as cool as this.

Halloween pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin

If you do not have the energy to carve out a pumpkin why not reuse some old glass jars and put the Christmas lights inside like in this image.

Halloween jar lights
A super simple craft that requires nothing more than a few sheets of coloured paper, some christmas lights and a few empty glass jars.

To set the mode naturally you need some cosy candles and given all the synthetic material in halloween costumes it is probably a good idea to not use real candles indoors. As a safer but equally cozy alternative we propose our floating led light or the LightBottle led light, both from Suck-UK and available in the our webshop.


Suck UK Floating Light

Original Halloween presents

When attending a party, don’t forget to bring something for the host or hostess, for sure they have been working hard all day to prepare everything (and if the party is a success they will have to spend all day tomorrow cleaning).

There is nothing that says a dinner invitation gift should be expensive, nor that it has to be the old bottle of red wine even though you should probably bring some wine anyway 🙂 The point is that even the smallest detail is always appreciated so it is not about how much you spend but that you find a gift that is original and above all useful and that is where we come in to help.


legless corkscrew



You find our full collection of original Halloween gifts here if you need more inspiration.