5 Original and practical kitchen accessories

Cutlery Drainer - Jumbo

Today we would like to present a different kind of list. Instead of comparing similar kinds of products we want to highlight a couple of original and practical kitchen accessories. Each of the products we have selected must both look good, be practical and if possible, serve more than one purpose. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Jumbo – The Elephant cutlery drainer

Our first product today is a new product here at Givensa. It is a cutlery drainer in the shape of an elephant. It features a very elegant and original shape and fits enough cutlery for a couple or a small family. A very smart and practical details with Jumbo is that the bottom has a slight slope so that the left over water does not stay inside the drainer but drips out through the trunk and into the sink.
The possibilities with this little elephant are endless. If it does not fit with your kitchen design, why not use it as a toothbrush stand, it will look great and both kids and adults will love it.
Cutlery Drainer - Jumbo Cutlery Drainer - Jumbo

Sink Organizer by Sagaform

If you need a practical and elegant way to store that ugly dish -brush and sponge then no worries. May we propose this sink organiser from Sagaform. It comes in plain white porcelain with a minimalistic Scandinavian design. There is room for a big bottle of detergent as well as a stand for the dish-brush and a practical clam for the sponge.
Dish brush holder with drying rack

Mountie – The Papel towel holder that can be mounted without screws

Another favourite that we use daily is the paper towel holder Mountie. Its something as smart as a paper towel holder that you can attach under almost any shelf, cupboard or door without using screws. The clam adapts to the thickness of the cupboard and locks itself into place. If you prefer to use it on the wall, naturally it can also be mounted using traditional screws and plugs. A nice touch of interior design that does not require a handyman to mount.
Mountie Paper Towel Holder mounted on kitchen cabinet
Mountie Paper Towel Holder mounted on kitchen cabinet
Mountie Paper Towel Holder mounted on cabinet door
Mountie Paper Towel Holder mounted on cabinet door

 Bowl and strainer in one – Rinse

We have a special place in our harts for things that does double duty, i.e. that do more than one thing. Rinse is such an original and innovative product. It combines being a normal salad bowl with a strainer meaning that you do not have to look for a separate strainer to get that water out of the bowl. Then when it’s time to serve, just fold the strainer down and place the bowl on the table. A nice kitchen accessory for the ones doing compact living since the strainer occupies absolutely no room at all. Innovative design for an everyday object.
Bowl and strainer - Rinse
Bowl and strainer – Rinse

Bowl and strainer - Rinse

Pluring – The minimalistic dish cloth or towel hanger

Finally we would like to introduce you to Pluring, a smart little hanger that is perfect for the dish cloth or kitchen towel. Pluring consists of a round plastic cylinder with super strong self adhesive tape on the back. In the cylinder there are rubber flaps that allows you to insert any kind of small object and it will stay there. This little gadget complies to the rules for both compact living and not needing and screws or tools for mounting. Just remove the tape and stick it to the wall and you are done, it could not be simpler.
colgador-pluring colgador pluring