Last minute Valentines Day Gifts

Still looking for that perfect valentines gift? Do not despair, there is still time so lets not waste precious minutes but let’s get going with our best ideas for last minute Valentines presents.

Wheat warmer animals

No one is ever too old to have a warm furry friend around when the wind is blowing cold outside or when we are suffering a nasty cold. These cute teddy bears comes in various shapes and are excellent Valentines gifts for both children and adults.

Microwave slippers and teddy bears



Whether you just met your partner a couple of months ago or just celebrated your diamond anniversary this game will generate new conversation topics and ensure you have a nice time while getting to know each other even better.

Game with questions and answers - ¿Charlamos?

Cute mug with a lovely theme

Remind your loved one that there is someone thinking about him or her every morning when having that cup of deep roast coffee in order to wake up. The mug features two cute little birds that have found each other and are now moving into their little nest.

Mug Love

Precious jewellery case

This jewellery case is not only beautiful to look at, its also super practical. Divide it into 3 parts and use each of them individually or buy several and stack them together.

Cosmetic and jewellery case - Diamond cosmetic-case-1

His and hers kissing and smiling coffee cups

For all those lazy morning breakfasts (at least if you do not have small kids). These cute cups with faces are perfect for all couples in love and they make a great valentines day present for both of you. Mix and match them as you please, why not go for a double kissing this valentines day?

Tassen cups with faces - Kissing and smiling

Ring and jewelry holder – Whale

This beautiful little silver whale is a popular gifts for for San Valentín. The main reasons is that it is both beautiful and functional, something that we always are looking for when selecting products for Givensa.


Ring and jewelry holder - Whale

Well we hope you now have found something special for your loved on. If not,  have a look at the rest of our Valentine’s day gifts for more inspiration.

Gift and Presents for Valentine's Day