Mother’s day present ideas – Our Top 5 list

Mothers day is coming up quickly and if you are anything like us, you probably waited a little bit too long to look for a gift this year as well ­čÖé

So, let’s see if we can help you out with some unique ideas for mother’s day presents. This is not an easy task since most mothers usually say they already have everything they need. Today we will suggest some traditional gifts and mix them up with some of our favourite Givensa products. The focus is to find presents that makes sense and do not end up in a drawer ever being used. To accomplish this the present must be either disposable like a nice arrangement of flowers or practical so it will be used also after mothers day.

This wish list is not in any specific order, just see the ideas as suggestions and make sure you pick the option that is a perfect match for your mother.

Flowers – The last minute option

Flowers is always a safe bet and if you live far away they can always be conveniently delivered for you, normally with very short notice.


Jewellery storage – Practical and beautiful

If mum has grown a small collection of rings and necklaces over the years why not treat her with a smart organising solution for these accessories. A favourite of ours is the jewellery box from Yamazaki but there is plenty of other options in our dedicated jewellery organizer category.






Kitchen accessories – For all Masterchef mothers

Even if mum will not get an official acknowledgement of her cooking skills you know you could not imagine a life without some of her signature dishes. If your mother likes cooking, why not give her something practical to use in the kitchen. For instance the original Veggie Twister by Betty Bossi with which she will be able to take the dinner presentations to the next level.


Another thing that mom for sure would like is the original spoon saver Hug Doug that ensures the kitchen utensils don’t disappear into the soup or make a mess while lying around.


Another funny kitchen accessory that mom would love is the the Steam releaser – Lid Sid. It keeps pot lids slightly open when she are cooking, allowing steam to exit in the funniest way possible..


If mom likes flowers and also loves cooking we recommend the Steam releaser – Flower power. A funny detail that will hold the lid slightly open and reduce the risk of the water boiling over. When the steam start rising the flower will start to spin.


Another kitchen accessory that mom will love is the cute ladle “Nessie” which is designed to look like the well known Loch Ness monster.


Experiences – Guaranteed to not need any storage space

If your mother is a lady that does not want anything worldly she might appreciate an experience. No, we are not talking about paragliding och skydiving but perhaps 1h of massage or facial treatment. Be careful though, these kind of gifts often end up unused so be sure to get something you know your mother would be comfortable with.


Vintage products from Half Moon Bay – Housewives with an attitude

It does not matter if if your mother is a true housewife or a dress suit career woman. As long as she has a sense of humor we are confident she will appreciate the funny and ironical vintage inspired gifts from Half Moon Bay. Each product features a 50’s housewife combined with a funny and sometimes satirical punchline.



Did not find what you were looking for? Then do not linger here, head over to our dedicated Mother’s day present category for more ideas.