Original ice cube molds and more to keep you cool this summer

Did you know that “ice cubes” were initially invented to lower the room temperature? When the american physician John Gorrie built the first fridge in 1844 it hung from the ceiling and produced chunks of ice helping lowering the indoor temperature, maybe the first ice cubes ever.

Nowadays we have more efficient ways to stay cool while at home but the ice cubes remains and today there is an endless variety of original ice cube molds and other products that will help you stay refreshed this summer and here we present a couple of our favourites.


This lovely ice cube mold in the shape of a polar bear comes from Black+Blum. It does not only look super cute it also allows you to easily create ice cubes without spilling and when you need them there is no need to touch the ice to extract it.



The shark fin shaped ice cube molds, a true classic and “fintasticly” fun?


We all love ice cream and we all know we should eat more fruit so why don’t combine the two. With these popsicle shaped water melon cutters you quickly cut out your own polos which can then either be served slightly chilled or ice cream style after spending some time in the freezer. Healthy and 100% free from added sugar and additives.


Your salads or drinks will get an extra taste of freshness by squeezing some lime or lemon on top. This amazing lemon squeezer from Monkey Business must have been inspired by the easter island statues and will help you with all kind of fruit juice extraction while looking extremely cool doing it.


If you need some variation to your new homemade water melon lollies check out this popsicle mold in the shape of an ice-cream truck. All you need is some fruit juice and a bit of patience and in a couple of hours you have your own homemade lollies waiting for you in the freezer. The possible combinations are endless and only your imagination sets the limits.


Summer is not only about ice and popsicles, it is important to hydrate a lot as well and this smart bird shape cork allows you to easily attach your water bottle to your bag.



Water balloon fights must be the most awesome summer game ever invented. It is also a great way to cool down while having fun at the same time. With this water balloon slingshot kit both the balloons and the level of fun will reach new heights..


These shots glasses made of ice are super refreshing for hot summer days, keeps the liquor cool and when you are done, they magically disappear.


Lunch time in the summer heat but out of chilled white whine? No worries with this wine cooler from Vacuvin the problem is just about solved (of course it works with other beverages as well).


Heading off to the beach? This practical cooler from Swedish design studio Sagaform has an adorable design, insulated interior and room for 6 cans of soda or beer as well as an ice brick to keep them cool for longer.

We hope you found something you liked and that you have a really awesome summer!