Popsicle Van Ice lolly maker – A Givensa Review

Now when the summer has arrived we decided to test one of our latest products, the Ice Lolly Maker in shape of an Ice Cream truck from Suck-UK.
Since this product is mainly aimed towards a younger audience we recruited the 6 year old son of our web designer, a true ice cream expert.


The first impression was that he really liked the truck shape of the mold and he immediately had lots of ideas on what types of ice creams to make.


Finally for this first test we settled for two different flavours, orange and lemon, both with a touch of pineapple. To start with we squeezed the juice from one orange and mixed it with pineapple juice and poured in three of the six compartments. Then we repeated the procedure with the lemon.


The sticks are easily put in place thanks to that the truck has holes for them in the base. If you plan to store the lollies in the fridge for a long time (like that is going to happen with kids in the house) you can wrap some plastic film over the top of the truck to prevent spilling and that crumbs from other things in the fridge enters into the molds.


The 6 year old managed all steps on his own and was very pleased with the end result.


The hardest part was actually waiting for the ice lollies to freeze which takes a couple of hours but it was well worth the wait. The home made ice creams were delicious, 100% free from added sugar, sweeteners and strange additives.
The final test panel included two more children and all of them gave the ice creams 5 start. Now they are already planning the next recipe, why not a traffic light ice cream in various layers (there are inspirational images on the inside of the packaging).