Silicone oven mitts – A Givensa review

Sometimes it takes a long time only to discover that the solution you were looking for were there all along 🙂

Over the last weeks we have been testing something as ordinary as pot holders (or oven mitts if you prefer). We all have them at home, some old some new, some thick and clean but many thin are stained with marks from years of cooking. They serve their purpose more or less but when you need to grab that scolding hot pan from the stove or even move a hot cup of coffee the heat always slips through and you might end up burning your hand.

On top of that, the traditional pot holders do require the occasional spin in the laundry machine to stay hygienic but even if you do that often, mixing fabric and food is not always the perfect solution.

So, just recently a member of the Givensa team moved to a new flat and decided to throw out the old pot holders and give our silicone based ones a try. It’s funny, these oven mitts are some of our oldest products but since they are more practical than exciting, most people do not pay attention to them and we have never actually gotten around to properly test them ourselves.

Dog shaped silicone oven mitt


After a few weeks of using the Hot Heads silicone pot holders from Fred & Friends the verdict from our tester is very positive. Some of the top reasons why she would recommend a switch to a silicon pot holder are:


– They protect from heat much better than most fabric based pot holders or oven mitts she has ever used.


– They are super easy to keep clean and keep hygienic. If they get stained just wipe them of our wash them off with some water. You will see all smudges come off right away something that’s impossible with traditional pot holders. Then every once in a while, let them join the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher and they come out just like new.


– They are all made from food grade BPA free silicone resisting the incredible temperature range of -50° to +230°.

hot-heads-3  hot-heads-1




– One common difference between a high grade silicone pot holder and cheaper options is that the really good ones always have a non slip surface. For the Hot Heads the grip is not just a plain surface but a ruggedised one. For the Silicone Zone one the surface is made from 3d squares ensuring the most efficient heat release as well as the best possible grip.

 Duo Grid Pot Holder
– Last but not least, they come in all shapes and sizes making them an original interior design detail for your kitchen. For instance check out the heart shaped oven mitt! It might be the cutest one we have ever seen. A nice gift idea for someone who values things that are both pretty and practical.
Hot to Handle - The heart shaped oven mitt.
If you have not already made the switch to this hygienic and heat resistant material maybe now is the time?