Today is not an ordinary day, it’s the Waffle Day!!!

Every year on the 25th of March the Swedes dust off their waffle irons to revel in delicious newly baked waffles with jam and whipped cream.


Why this day?

From the beginning, this day is a Christian celebration, the Lady’s Day. This is the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin that is celebrated the 25 of march (nine months before Christmas).

Why waffles?

The Waffle day tradition actually stems from a misunderstanding. Lady’s Day in Swedish is called “Vårfrudagen”, and that became in the vernacular “Våffeldagen” which in swedish means Waffle Day. So, therefor the Swedes eats waffles to celebrate the the Blessed Virgin, it all makes sense right 🙂

Of course we at Givensa celebrate this day as well, however we cheated an celebrated it this weekend together with friends and neighbors. We were happy to see that the Swedish Waffle Day was a big success among the Spanish people. So therefore will give you a recipe of how to make them. The whole idea with waffles, in Sweden and anywhere else, is to get them crispy; this is really what differentiates them from pancakes. To do so, you will need a hot iron and a good batter. The typical “flower shaped” iron maybe is hard to find here in Spain, but it should be possible to find something similar. Then to the batter, there are a lots of recipes of how to make the Swedish waffles on the internet, however, the traditional is the one that in the end is the best and also the easiest to make.