Accessory and jewelry organizers

Accessory and jewelry organizers

Tired of not finding your rings or accessories? Not sure where that left shoe has gone or are your scarves or ties simply a mess? Do not despair, we have handpicked some of the most elegant and practical organizers known to women (and men ;-) ).

We offer you an exclusive selection of accessory and jewelry organizers such as rings holders, jewelry stands and organizers for accessories like bracelets, scarves, handbags, shoes and ties.

Ring holders and jewelry stands

When we started Givensa and discovered the cute Zoola ring holders from Umbra we immediately thought that, hey this is something that I would be happy receiving as a gift. It would help me not losing precious belongings such as the engagement ring (scary thought) and they would also help me remember to always leave the accessories I am not using in the same place. On top of this these ring holders had a beautiful design at a very affordable price.

So, it was an easy decision and after starting to sell the ring holders we started to add more organizing solutions for both rings and accessories. For the ones that prefer to have the accessories on display the “Orchid Jewelry Tree” or “Butterfly Jewelry Stand” are both beautiful and practical and fits perfectly on the nightstand.

Hanging accessory organizers for closets

If you prefer a more discrete organizer or if you are short on space we can highly recommend the Little Black products from Umbra, such as the Little Black Dress or Corset for the ladies and the Little Black Vest for the fashion aware guys. If you have found this page looking for organizing your shoes or even towels, we are confident that the Black Dress Shoe Organizer is just what you are looking for. It allows you to efficiently store your shoes or handbags by hanging them behind your bedroom door. All products in the little black series offers a smart and discreet way to keep your accessories organized without taking up almost any space since you simply hang them in them closet or behind the bedroom door.

Travel organizers

I you are a frequent traveller or even a true globetrotter we also offer a small selection of travel organizers, perfect for ensuring that the passport and extra cash do not get lost.

Gift recommendations

A jewelry organizer is obviously an original gift for a girlfriend or wife. Even if she already has most that she needs (she has you ;-) there is always room for one of these practical accessories.

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Organizer - Black Tie

Availability: 2 In Stock

The black tie organizer is an unique solution to organizing the stuff that fellas need. I can be hung in the closet or slipped in your suit bag when you're traveling

Zoola Cat Ring Holder

Availability: 2 In Stock

Whether you need somewhere to put your ring while you wash your hands or simply place as a table decoration for a dinner party, this little Cat will do the trick and charme everyone at the same time.

Zoola Bunny Ring Holder

Availability: 3 In Stock

Keep your jewellery in place with the Zoola Bunny Ring Holder. It is a perfect compliment whether you need a place to put your rings while washing your hands or simply as a decoration in your home.

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