Accessory and key holder - Wild animals

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Cast metal accessory hangers and key holders shaped as the face of a Bull, Moose and Deer. 

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Original hangers designed as animal faces.

  • Cast metal hangers with the shape of the face of a wild animal.
  • Choose your favourite design from either Bull, Moose and Deer.
  • Each animals nose is a strong magnet where a keyring (included) can be hung.

More about the product

With these original key and accessory hangers, one of our favourite brands Qualy has taken a bold step away from their tradition of manufacturing home decor details in plastic. Instead these animal face shaped hangers are made from solid cast metal, giving them a much rougher finish than what we are used to see from this brand. So, if you are looking for cute, head over to the precious little elephant and sparrow key holders but if you want something wilder, you have come to the right place.

Behind the nose of each animal there is a very strong magnet that can lift the weight of most normal key sets. If you are a janitor with 200 keys, you might want to hang them on the horns instead :-) Otherwise the horns are perfect for hanging other types of accessories such as handbags, scarves and necklaces.

If you are not into tools and screws these key holders all comes with self adhesive tape that can be used if you only plan to use them for a small set of keys. Otherwise we recommend mounting them using screws using the two holes on the back. Doing that ensures they can carry quite a big load without caving in.

Why we like it

At Givensa we are a mixed team of Swedes and Spaniards so there was no problem reaching an agreement that we definitely needed the Moose (from Sweden) and the Bull (from Spain). We hesitated for a long time about the Deer but the three looked so good together that we could not leave him out. If anyone has a good suggestion on which country a Deer fits in with, let us know!


It is also good to know that...

  • Each metal hanger is 100% recyclable.
  • Also as always with Qualy the product also comes in a box made from recyclable carton and the print is make with environmental friendly soy ink.
  • Color: Black cast metal.
  • Each animal face is approx. 10x10 cm.
  • Self adhesive tape for light mounting is included. For use as a hanger mounting using screws (not included) is recommended.
  • Product name: Accessory & Key Holder - Bull, Moose and Deer.

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