Active wine cooler

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Chill your wine in minutes and keep it cool for hours.

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Rapid Wine Cooler - At a glance

  • Chill your whites in just a few minutes.
  • Maintains the bottle cool for hours-.

More about the product

Even if you remembered to put that nice bottle of white or rosé in the fridge before dinner, once opened it quickly gets a little bit to warm to be perfect. This stylish wine cooler from Vacu Vin will help you not only to rapidly cool the bottles you forget to put in the fridge but also to keep them cool once on the table.

Just keep it in the fridge when not being used and then when needed, place it around the bottle and in only about 5 minutes, it has chilled the wine to a perfect temperature.

Why we like it

The Wine coolers from Vacu Vin sticks out from the competition by actively keeping the wine at a low temperature for a longer time than any of the other brands we have tested. The design is modern and stylish with a silver pattern that looks looks great with any table setting.

It is also good to know that...

  • This is the original "Active Wine Cooler" by VacuVin.
  • Can be permanently stored in the fridge.
  • When used, it cools the wine in just 5 minutes and keeps it cool for hours.
  • Made from resistant plastic that is easily cleaned.

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