Bowl with a face - Tassen

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Bowl with a unique face shaped design made of restaurant grade porcelain of the highest quality. 

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Bowl with a face - Tassen

  • A bowl with a unique face shaped design.
  • Perfect for cereals, soup, candy or presenting dinner accessories in a creative way.
  • Choose and mix freely between different models "Happy", "Kissing", "Grinning", "Sulking", "Crazy in Love", "Tasty" or "Laughing".

More about the product

The Tassen series are designed by Fiftyeight Products and manufactured in Germany guaranteeing the highest production standards. The idea behind these face shaped bowls is totally unique in home decor since it mixes advanced 3d graphics with everyday household objects.

If you want to see where the idea initially came from you should look at the video below. Indeed its in German but its still very cute.

Why we like them

These bowls with cute faces were the first product from the Tassen collection that caught our attention. We do eat a lot of cereal for breakfast and what could be better then to choose the bowl which best corresponds to your morning mood. Today I feel a bit down after the argument yesterday so I go for my "Sulking" bowl. Or much better, today I feel great, I have slept my 8 hours (lucky you) so here comes the "Happy" bowl. Wait, did someone put salt in my coffee! Check who picked the "Grinning" bowl this morning, someone might be messing with you.

Breakfast it is but do not forget that these cute bowls can be used for almost any occasion. Even at a formal dinner we are sure your guests will find them both funny and interesting and they are known to break the ice and start unexpected conversations. We have provided some personal ideas in the image gallery on how we like to use them (yes it involves a lot of chocolate but hopefully there will be some images with salads as well in the future).

Gift ideas

If you are planning to give the bowl away, try matching it with the recipient's personality! If it's for the family, pick a few variants or let the family members choose their favorite. Or why not buy two kissing bowls as an original gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any other loving and caring day?

Hint! It's an unexpected but very original gift for a newborn that will be able to use it for all of his or hers birthdays to come!

It is also good to know that...

  • The bowls like all products in the Tassen collection is made from restaurant grade porcelain.
  • The face bowls are sold individually, choose and mix freely between the faces "Happy", "Kissing", "Grinning", "Sulking", "Crazy in Love", "Tasty" or "Laughing".
  • Material: Hard, durable and glazed porcelain.
  • Dimensions: about 15 cm in diameter and 8-9 cm high
  • Holds approx: 500 ml
  • Dishwasher-and microwave safe.
  • Here you can find the 3d animated short films that created the idea for these face shaped products initially.
  • Made in Germany.

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Unique bowls with faces!