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Coasters with retro style - Coffee

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Coasters with a retro style design inspired by the 50's featuring fun, ironic and provocative punchlines.

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Coasters with retro style - Coffee

  • Coasters with a retro design inspired by the 50's.
  • The coasters features funny, sarcastic and original punchlines.
  • Mix the coasters anyway you wish and do not miss our alcohol and attitude coaster collections.

More about the product

These cool coasters are part of the retro collection from Half Moon Bay. The inspiration is taken from the 1950's and often feature images of the typical housewife or Mad Men like husbands . The twist however is that the message on each of the products is funny, original and sometimes even provocative. In this collection we have hand picked our favorite coasters with coffee related designs. They are all perfect for breaking the ice when having new friends over for a cup.

Why we like them

We have noticed that these coasters are a simple way to get new acquaintances to relax and feel welcome in our home. Just give them one of these coasters with their cup of coffe. It will for sure bring out a smile and relax the atmosphere. You will immediately have something to discuss and then do not forgot to tell them where you found this original coaster :-)

Choose from these designs

  • Drink coffee. Do stupid things faster with more energy.
  • Coffee. If you're not shaking you need another cup.


It is also good to know

  • The coasters are sold individually and can be mixed any way you like.
  • The size is 10x10 cm

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