Dish rack and storage - Tower

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A great way to get some extra space when the kitchen cabinets do not have enough shelves.

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Dish rack and extra shelf - Tower

  • Perfect when space in the cabinets and drawers is not enough.
  • Put it in your kitchen cupboard and you instantly gain an extra shelf.
  • Hang it under the cabinet and you have a brand new dish rack.

More about the product

When space in the cabinets and drawers is not enough to fit all your kitchen utensils, this extra shelf from Yamazaki is the perfect solution. Just put it inside your existing cupboard and one shelf becomes two without any need for a carpenter.

The really cool thing is that it does not stop there. You can also hang it under the cabinet and you get a small dish rack that efficiently uses the space above the sink.

Why we like it

Sometimes the smartest solutions are the simplest ones. How many shelves do you have in your kitchen cabinets that offer way to much space for the glasses or plates that are actually there. The designers at Yamazaki has obviously encountered themselves in this situation as well and we are happy they have provided us with this smart solution. Now we can have two levels of glasses and plates in our small office kitchen.

As you might already know we also love things that can do more than one trick and since this product also doubles as a dish rack when needed naturally we had to bring it into the Givensa selection. A truly practical and functional home decor detail.

It is also good to know that...

  • Size: 45 cm wide x 19,5 cm depth × 8,5 cm height
  • Color: White
  • Material: Body powder-coated steel

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