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Hypotrochoid Art Set

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Turn math into art. Classic Hypotrochoid Art Set traces out hypotrochoid and epitrochoid curves turning math into beautiful art.


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Hypotrochoid Art Set - At a glance

  • Traces out hypotrochoid and epitrochoid curves turning math into beautiful art.
  • Simple to use, yet creating unique and original drawings.
  • A creative and appreciated toy for children of all ages.

More about the product

Turn math into art. This Classic Hypotrochoid Art Set traces out hypotrochoid and epitrochoid curves creating art from something that is originally advanced math. If you are interested in the details then: "A hypotrochoid is a roulette traced by a point attached to a circle of radius r rolling around the inside of a fixed circle of radius R, where the point is a distance d from the center of the interior circle."

Why we like it

Are you still with us? We thought we lost you in the definition of the hypotrochoid above. Well done, if you made it this far we are happy to provide you with our personal opinion on this original art set. In Givensa we try hard to find useful products that serves a purpose and we want to offer something a bit different compared to what you find in your everyday toy store. We also let our own kids try out all the products to get real feedback on how they like them.

In a world filled with iPads and a dozen TV channels with cartoons there is a lot of competition for the attention of the children but in our experience these kind of creative toys are what keeps their interest the longest. We know this is one of those toys that will not easily be thrown away and therefore we have chosen it for our selection of original toys here at Givensa.

It is also good to know that...

  • Set contains 2 hypotrochoid templates, each with 3 gears plus red green and blue pens
  • A funny, creative and beautiful way to combine math and art.

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