Self watering flowerpot - White log and squirrel

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Self watering flower pot with a unique design. The little squirrel lives in the log and tells you when the plant needs water. 

Color : Pink

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Log & Squirrel self-watering flowerpot

  • The little squirrel lives in the log together with your plants will help you know when your plant need water.
  • When you can see the little squirrel in the hole it signals that the log has enough water, but when you no longer see it, you know that it’s time to water the plant!
  • The flowerpot is white on the outside and green on the inside.

More about the product

Are you always forgetting to water your plants? Or do you wonder if you have given them the right amount of water? In that case, this intelligent self-watering flowerpot is perfect!

Inside the small log lives a cute little squirrel that keeps track of how much water your plant get. As long as you can see the little squirrel peeking out through the little hole in log you know there's still water in the log. But when the squirrel no longer is visible in the hole, well, then it is time to give your plant some water. The log & Squirrel then distributes the water and always make sure your plant gets the right amount! It possess a water reservoir in its inside with enough water to last a couple of days.

Log & Squirrel is a well designed and practical flowerpot from Qualy Design. The self-watering plants has been given the DEmark award (Thai Design Excellence Award) for its unique and 100% recyclable design.

Why we like it

Most of us here always forgets to water our poor plants so this self watering pot is just the solution we need. It is practical, well designed and serves a real purpose. Now, we finally can have happy plants and a green and flowering office!

>The Log & Squirrel self-watering flowerpot is also available with black and brown flowerpot

Self watering flowerpot - Black log and squirrel Self watering flowerpot - Brown Log with Squirrel


It is also good to know that...

  • Height: 15 cm
  • Width: 12.5 cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: white outside, green inside.
  • It's really easy to clean thanks to its flat inner surface.
  • All Qualy products and packaging are 100% recyclable using food grade soy inc for the printing.

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Excellent item

It is plastic all right, but it is cozy, very cute. You'll love it.

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