Party and dinner gifts

Party and dinner gifts

Here you will find the most original gifts to bring to a party or a dinner invitation.

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Cork screw - Buddy

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Buddy cork screw uncorks your wine bottle with arms wide open. When Buddy is not working, put him in the crome casted skirt stand and he turns into a beautiful table decoration.

Fancy animal shaped wine topper

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Seal your wine bottles with this beautiful topper. They perform not only a function by keeping the wine fresh, but they will also be a classy decoration on the top of the bottle. 

PopSome Herbs & Spices

€29.00 €17.40 -40%
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The PopSome Herbs & Spices is a practical way to store and dispense all kinds of herbs and spices. The coloured lids and the patented Oxiloc system are specifically designed to ensure that the bowls remain airtight.

Cool Shooter Ice Tray

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What's cooler than a shot glass made of ice?  It's easy to just fill your Cool Shooter mold with water or your favorite beverage, then put it in the freezer and within hours you will have four frozen shot glasses. 

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