Pocket Microscope

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Explore the detailed world around you with this Pocket Microscope! A perfect gift for a future scientist, or anyone with a sense of curiosity.


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Explore the detailed world around you with this Pocket Microscope!

  • This cool compact microscope provides 30x magnification allowing you and your kids yo study things invisible to the naked eye.
  • Take a close up look on bugs, leaves, butterflies and other wonderful things in our nature. Just take care not to hurt them.
  • A perfect gift for a future scientist or anyone with a sense of curiosity regardless of age.

More about the product

This microscope easily fits in a schoolbag or a large pocket. Its made of robust plastic with a rubber protector to rest the eye agains. It does not rely on batteries and has an adjustable focus to allow the study of all kinds of objects.Discover the details of all the small fascinating things in nature such as bugs and flowers. For the less adventurous ones why not investigate the fine fibres in your clothes or the watermark of a 5€ bill. Only your imagination is the limit on what can be discovered.

Why we like the pocket microscope

A common problem these days is to come up with gifts and toys that actually make sense. Too often we end up at Toy's are Us with some plastic action figure that ends up in a drawer with too many of his friends. With this pocket microscope we think we have found a good alternative and a gift/toy that is both affordable, creative and original. It is ready to use out of the box, no batteries, electricity, charging or accessories needed. Just put it in the pocket or schoolbag and get out there and start exploring the small wonders around us.

It is also good to know that...

  • The Pocket Microscope magnifies up to 30x
  • The focus can be adjusted with the wheel below the lens.
  • For the best result view with good light. The transparent cap should be touching the subject.
  • Size: 15 cm tall, 10 cm wide

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