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A simple but genius hanger for washcloths, towels, and more!


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Simple but genius hanger for the kitchen - Pluring

  • Smart kitchen hanger for washcloths, towels, and more.
  • Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms since no drilling or screwing is needed.

More about the product

Pluring Kitchen is a swedish invention that helps you hang everything from washcloths, oven mitts and towels. It has the form of a cylinder made out of plastic and rubber and on the side two hooks perfect for small towels or oven mitts. Pluring will solve your problems with towels with broken hangers or where to put that damp washcloth in the kitchen. Stop hanging it over the faucet, instead let Pluring take care of it for you.

Pluring is easily "mounted" using the super strong self adhesive tape on the back. Then in order to hang something you simply push it into the cylinder and Pluring will ensure it stays there. Removing it is equally simple, just grab the towel or whatever you have attached to Pluring and it will detach easily.

Why we like it

Pluring is a best seller in the swedish home decor shops so naturally we go curious and ordered a few samples for evaluation. We are now using it ourselves and we have to say it's a clever little invention that does its job extremely well. We have a few towels with broken hangers in the kitchen which Pluring now is taking care of.

So, no need to have that damp smelly washcloth laying around or to even fix that pile of broken towels. Instead Pluring will let you hang them as they are, no mounting or fixing needed. Since it is attached with self adhesive tape there is no drilling needed which makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or caravans.

It is also good to know that...

  • Dimensions: Diameter pluring 5,5 cm, with the hooks it's 15 cm wide
  • Material: Plastic and thick rubber
  • Colors: Silver.
  • Mounted with strong adhesive tape (included). Screws are not needed but can be used if you want to).
  • Attaches to all plain surfaces such as ceramic, glass, metal and laminated wood.
  • Perfect for the kitchen.

Tip! Try it for the: tie, towel, washcloth, pacifier, socks, sweater etc.

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