Tablet and Smartphone Stand - Square

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A minimalistic and practical tablet stand. 


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Square Tablet and Smartphone Stand - At a glance

  • Minimalistic yet super practical tablet stand and smartphone.
  • Perfect when using the tablet as a TV, reading recipes or just as a charging station.
  • The charger and cables are discreetly hidden inside the base.
  • The flexible designs makes it suitable for all types of tablets and cell phones.

More about the product

This clever tablet stands packs more features than you can imagine at the first look. The design is truly minimalistic but it can still hold your tablet in both horizontal, vertical and even angular positions.

Put your tablet horizontally and you get a mini tv, put it vertically when cooking to have your receives handy without getting the tablet messy, or simply use it as a charging station. When being used as a charging or docking station, there is a hole on the back for the cord and when the charging is complete, you can hide the whole charger inside the stand. A great way to keep things organized.

It is also good to know that...

  • Dimensions: 7 cm x 8,7 cm x 6,3 cm.
  • Available in white or black.
  • Product series: Square

Reviews (1)

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Minimalistic tablet stand

I actually use it a lot in the kitchen, just like in one of the photos. Works great both for the tablet and the iPhone.