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Marquee is a set of 7 frames with 60 unique letters to create your own wall art. Now you are the designer!


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Personalizable Wall decor with frames - Marquee

  • Create your own wall art by combining the beautiful letters into your own sayings or mottos.
  • An original way to create your own personalized interior design detail!
  • The set consists of 7 frames with 60 unique letters (additional letters can be downloaded for free).

More about the product

These frames comes with a set of 60 unique letters that lets you create special sayings or fun phrases on the wall. Use it to personalize your little one's bedroom, update any space in the home or use it in a creative office environment and let the co-workers change the message when the mood strikes.

Either way you choose to use it, since it is so easy to update, your wall will never get boring again. When you get tired of the message, just change the it and you put a new personal touch on your wall within a matter of minutes.


Why we like it

Marquee is a borderline product and that is one of the reasons that we like it. It is creative but not excessively. Not everyone is into arts and crafts and wants to design their own furniture or sew a new cushion for the sofa. The Marquee wall decor is simply something in between. It allows you to personalize a piece of your home without any great crafting skills.

Then if one day you come up with a brilliant new punch line or just feel that the current message is a bit outdated, no worries! It is so simple to change the letters and even download new ones from the Umbra website and you are all set to create a new inspiring message. All this combined makes the Marquee a very affordable and also timeless piece of interior design, made by You!

It is also good to know that...

  • Includes seven frames, each 13 cm x 18 cm.
  • Includes 60 colorful and unique letters. Additional letters can be downloaded for free.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Design: Tom Vincent

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