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Wheat Warmer Sheep - Pure Bliss

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Sneak up in the sofa and relax with this cute little sheep shaped wheat warmer that can be heated in the microwave oven.


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Wheat warmer Sheep

Sneak up in the sofa and relax with this cute little sheep shaped wheat warmer. Inside the sheep there is a soft bag filled with a mix of wheat seeds and lavender and after one minute in the microwave you can put the bag back in the sheep and it will emit a cosy warmth with a relaxing scent of lavender.

Of course this is a cute gift for a child but it also works well as a present for an adult. Maybe as a surprise gift for a girlfriend that has caught a cold and needs some cheering up.


  • Only heat the bag in the microwave oven. Not the entire sheep.
  • Heating the wheat warmer in the microwave must always be done by an adult.
  • Ensure thebag can rotate freely inside the microwave oven to avoid that one side gets too hot.
  • Heat it at 600-800W for around 1 minute. Once completed check the temperature to ensure it is evenly warm and at an appropriate temperature.
  • Make sure that the temperature of the wheat warmer sheep has cooled down before heating it up again.
  • Full instructions are provided in the package.


It is also good to know that...

  • The sheep can also be used for cooling if needed. Just put it in a clean bag in the fridge for about 3h and it is are ready to cool down any strained ankle or soccer injury.
  • Size: Approx 40 cm.


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