How to make a Halloween pumpkin

Tomorrow is Halloween so tonight there is a busy family preparing things. One thing we do every year is to buy a small pumpkin and turn it into a spooky candle castle. The result is really nice but it takes some work and patience to get it done.


Step 1: Make a hole


Start by making a hole in the top of the pumpkin with a small knife. Keep the part you cut out since you will need it later as a lid. After a few days when the pumpkin has started to dry out the lid might not fit perfectly anymore and you have to turn it a bit to keep it in place.

Step 2: Try to empty the pumpkin

This step can be quite tricky and if you are not making pumpkin soup it is not so important how much pumpkin meat you manage to cut out. Try to at least get rid of some of the internals so there is plenty of room for the candle. Take care so you do not cut through to the outside. If you accidentally do just hide it at the back.

Step 3: The most important!!! Make a scary pumpkin face

Here you can be as creative as you wish. Since it is a bit difficult to cut through the pumpkin on freehand its recommended that you paint the outline of the face on the pumpkin with a marker first. If you do not feel to creative try this template:



Then just cut out the pumpkin face and you are done.

halloween-2 halloween-3 halloween-4

If you are invited to a Halloween party, why not bring your new pumpkin creation, for sure it will be a perfect gift for the hostess that did not have time to cut pumpkins all day 🙂

Here is our result for Halloween in Barcelona 2013. What do you think?
halloween-6 halloween-7