Chocolate, hiding easter eggs and fun gifts for easter

We are getting really close to easter and of course we have put together a small easter category. There you will find everything from cute and funny easter decoration for your home to exclusive chocolate.

If you are looking for a truly original easter gift, either for yourself to enjoy or to give to someone special, have a look at our gift set consisting of one of our beautiful porcelain bowls filled with 250g of exclusive chocolate pralines. With this gift set you get the instant pleasure of enjoying some fine chocolate from well known brands such as Lindt, Guylian and Ferrero Rocher and when easter has passed you will still get to enjoy your new bowl for many years to come.




In Sweden we have the tradition of hiding a colourful carton easter egg for the kids to search for on easter day morning. Other traditions might be looking for the easter eggs in the garden. Either way you spin the tradition we have to acknowledge that its a bit weird that we look for eggs that a bunny has left for us? Why does the bunny have the eggs in the first place šŸ™‚

huevo de pascua de suecia

Anyway, whichever version you choose it is a game we can truly recommend and the kids love it. Ask in your local interior design store for easter eggs (IKEA usually sells them as well). Fill them up with candy, hide them and let the kids search for them when waking up on easter morning. We are sure this egg hunt will be a huge success.

Happy Easter!