The best iPhone stand – A Givensa review

Sometimes the solution to a problem is much closer than you expect it to be. Last week our web designer replaced her old iPhone 4s that was literally falling apart, with a more recent iPhone 6.
As always when you spend money on something new you are extra careful and she was really concerned about getting the screen scratched when the phone was laying on the table in the office. For some reason that is very hard to explain, except for maybe that we are all really stressed out by the Christmas season coming up, it took almost two days until someone pointed out that we actually sell pretty cool iPhone stands at Givensa.
The choice fell on the minimalistic Yamazaki stand which is originally for tablets but as the phones are getting bigger it turned out it was also a perfect fit for the new iPhone 6. We really love this smartphone stand since it has a clean design and you can even store the charger and cable inside it, a great way to keep things in order.
Since the phone was white and pink she picked the white version and we think it looks great matching the rest of the desk. Check out the photos below and let us know what you think 😉
tablet-stand-smart-1 tablet-stand-smart