Cutlery Drainer - Jumbo the Elephant

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Jumbo is an original and smart cutlery drainer in the shape of an elephant. The water drips into the sink through the elephant's trunk.


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Cutlery Drainer with the shape of an elephant

  • A smart and original cutlery drainer in the shape of an elephant.
  • The water drips into the sink through the elephant's trunk preventing that water accumulates in the cutlery stand which can cause bacteria growth.

More about the product

Now you no longer need to worry about that your kitchen bench will be flooded with water when you doing the dishes. Just place Jumbo so his trunk hangs over the edge and then place the clean cutlery inside the elephants body. Since the base of the cutlery stand is not plain but has a small angle falling towards the trunk, the water left on the cutlery will automatically drip out from the trunk and into the sink

Besides serving as an original cutlery drainer in the kitchen, Jumbo can also be used in the bathroom to store toothbrushes and toothpaste again helping to ensure that water is not accumulated creating an environment that could foster bacteria.

Why we like it

We have tried many kinds of cutlery and dish stands in our lives and at the end the only ones that really last are the ones made from plastic or porcelain. Metal always rusts sooner or later no matter how beautiful it looks initially. Therefore we try to only select products made from these materials both for ourselves and for Givensa.

We fell for Jumbo much due to its playful design. It is great for storing the kids toothbrushes but yet with its clean lines and creative design it also fits perfectly in the modern kitchen. A small but original interior design detail that makes us smile when doing the dishes :-)

It is also good to know that...

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 16 cm x 10 cm x 11,7 cm
  • Designed by: Peleg Design.

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