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Looking for a cool pair of scissors, a stapler that will make your colleagues jealous or perhaps an iPad stand to prevent from scratching the tablet? Keep on scrolling to discover office accessories that makes any slow day a bit easier.

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Camista Humidifier

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The Casamista portable humidifier connects to any USB port and works with all water bottles. Innovative design by Umbra.

Funny Bookmark - Help!

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Help! bookmark is a fun bookmark so that you do not forget at which page you were. The bookmark has a miniature arm on the end giving the illusion of tiny person squashed in between the pages.

Pencil sharpener - The last log

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A cute pencil sharpener featuring an orange squirrel sitting on a log. When the pencil is sharpened the leftovers are collected in the transparent plastic dome around the squirrel.

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