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Original key rings and key holders

Key holders are very practical and there should be one in every home. We have searched the globe to provide you with a selection of the most original key holders out there so start scrolling down and we are sure you will find your favourite.

Recognize the situation when you are late for work or school, probably it's also raining outside and of course it is a Monday in January? Do you also recognize the situation that on top of all that your keys are missing. While turning the house upside down you might start swearing, not knowing if it is time to call a locksmith or if you need to take the bus to work. At this exact moment you might also promise yourself that if you just find the keys this one time, you will always keep them in the same place from now on…

Well, hopefully you did find them but you might have forgotten that pledge to always put the keys in the same place or you just remembered it and that is why you are here, looking for a funny, practical or original key holder or cupboard. Anything that will help you remember to always leave them in the same place when you enter your home. Then you have come to the right place, hold on and let us introduce you to a couple of our favourites.

Original key holders, hooks and cupboards

There is no doubt that the most practical solution for always placing your keys at the same place is to have a key holder in your vestibule, as close as possible to the door. That way, hopefully the keys will not make it as far as the sofa table, office, kitchen or wherever you choose to displace them. However just putting a nail on the wall to hang them on is not very attractive and you will probably not notice it anyway and we are back to square one. Instead we would like to propose something like the Qualy bird house. An original key holder of very high quality featuring one or two birds peeking out from their little house while holding your keys with their feet. When you leave the house you take your little bird with you and when you get back home you will see that the house looks a bit empty and automatically remember to put the birdie back where it belongs. Problem solved!

If you are not a bird lover, there are many other options such as the Post-it key holder or why not the one designed as a wall plug?

Funny key rings

While we have fewer original key rings than original key holders we have chosen some of the ones we found the most funny or useful. For the bold ones have a look at the Mr.P keyring sporting a quite different piercing. Also do not forget that the Qualy bird keyring from the birdhouse above also doubles as a whistle which might be handy if you need to call for attention. We just love these double duty things.

Gift Recommendations

If you are looking for an original gift then these smart key holders are an excellent option for a housewarming party. They all come with a unique design, yet at an affordable price and we are confident that the host will appreciate such a useful gift.

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Key note

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Original hey holder in the shape of a Post-it note. Notes and reminders are easily pinned on it as well using the supplied magnets.

Key holder - Panda
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Key holder - Panda

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Cute key holder in the shape of a panda that looks after your keys when you're not using them.

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