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Hamburger press

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Need some help to create those perfect burgers? We hear you, check out this hamburger press and take your grill skills to the next level!


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BBQ Hamburger press - At a glance

  • The perfect accessory to help you get an edge on the fine art of making delicious homemade burgers.
  • A must have complement for any senior or aspiring grill master.

More about the product

This hamburger press from Sagaform helps you create beautiful and juicy burgers in no time. The press itself is made out of metal while the form is made from robust plastic for easy dishing. It comes with a robust knob that makes it ergonomically to use even when you have to prepare food for a large party. As always with Sagaform, a practical and functional accessory for your home, and grill.

Why we like it

No summer barbecue is complete without some tasty homemade burgers fresh off the grill. Lets face it, buying those pre-made ones in a plastic box from the supermarket is nothing short of an epic surrender. You will for sure not know what you get in them and they are made for people who completely lacks tastebuds (here we apologize if you really like the supermarket per-made burgers but then you would probably not be visiting this page :-).

So next time you are about to fire up that old grill, just get some decent minced meat or chicken and add your own flavors according to your taste. Mexican food addicts might go for a touch of chili and garlic while fans of greek food could choose some fresh rosemary to complement regular salt and pepper.

If you are not a big meat lover, do not despair, we have successfully used this hamburger press for making vegetarian burgers as well. They needed a little more tenderness on the grill but they turned out delicious and kids love them as well.

It is also good to know that...

  • Material: Aluminum and plastic.
  • Size: Ø 115 mm.

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