Fridge poetry - Magnetic poetry

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Awake the poet in you with these small magnets with a variety of words that you can put on your fridge or any other magnetic surface.


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Magnetic poetry - At a glance

  • Small magnets with a variety of words that you can put on your fridge or any other magnetic surface.
  • There are two versions available: Original and Love. Please note that currently both versions are available in Spanish only.
  • Mix and combine into playful, loving or crazy messages for the family or co-workers to enjoy.

More about the product

FridgePoetry is an innovative product consisting of small magnets with different words and letters. Combine them any way you wish and put them on any magnetic surface and you are ready to leave small messages behind. The fridge poetry games are designed by the swedish company Kylskåpspoesi since 1998.

Fridge poetry - Original

A visual and temporary poem. In the box you will find 510 magnetic words. Pick a few favourites and start creating your first fridge poem. No previous experience needed :-) In the box you will find a wide selection of words ranging from sweet and sensual to just funny.

Fridge poetry - Amor

Create a love poetry wall on your fridge that is in constant change. Leave one message in the morning and have another one waiting for you when you come home. This kit also contains 510 small magnets with love related words. Perfect for creating small love messages or as a gift for someone special. The words in this box are funny, sweet and sensual and will allow you to leave small breadcrumbs of love behind.

It is good to know that

  • The magnets are 1 cm high and the length varies with the length of the words.
  • Both boxes contains words of all sizes but also prefixes and suffixes so you can easily create variants of the basic forms such as feminine/ masculine versions as well as plurals and many other combinations.

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